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Diamana Kai'li Blue

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Kai'li™ Blue Overview
Kai'li Blue proves that intimidating power comes in different forms. With a low torque value similar to Kai'li White, the taper butt design of Kai'li Blue offers an active feel in the hands and slightly higher launch and spin than Kai'li White. Kai'li Blue utilizes our Super Low Resin Content Prepreg and an MR70-reinforced tip, which combine to make Kai'li Blue our stablest and smoothest Blue profile yet. Kai'li Blue: A modern, mid launching mid spinning shaft built to provide the stability demanded by stronger swings and heavier head weights.

Key Features Include:
- Consistent stiffness throughout the shaft
- Taper butt handle for outstanding, smooth feel
- MR70 for strength
- SLRC Prepreg in torque core for super smooth feel