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Tensei CK Pro White

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Tensio Pro White Overview:

Built for the player seeking low launch and low spin performance, TENSEI 1K Pro White is our most technologically-advanced White profile ever. TENSEI 1K Pro White uses super-premium 1K carbon fiber in the handle to prevent deformation in the downswing, giving you a better chance at a center-face strike. The 1K carbon fiber is three times thinner than carbon kevlar, allowing for a more consistent weave for fewer imperfections in the shaft's construction to provide better feel.

Key Features Include:
- Low launch, low spin
- Active tip and handle sections with a strong midsection
- Super-premium 1K carbon fiber used in handle for increased stability
- MR70 and high modulus 46-ton material for strength
- Boron to fortify tip section
- Xlink Tech Resin System drives carbon fiber volume way up for better feel without sacrificing strength or durability